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The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity was founded on December 18 th 1914 by the Hon. Archdeacon T.A.J. Ogunbiyi a clegy man. He was supported by notable church leaders of his time like Bishop Leslie Gordon Vinning, Rev. W.B. Euba, Rev. M.S. Cole, Dr O. Obasa, J.H.S. Robbin Esq, G.A. Williams Esq and M. Akinsemoyin Esq. B.L. others were H.Libert Esq, M. Abayomi Esq B.L. E.A. Jacobs Esq., and J.Oso Esq.

The ROF was founded to improve the life of true believers and worshippers of the only true and living God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. In Yoruba language (Nigeria), “ Lati tun aiye awon olufokansin se”

The ROF is not a Secret Society, It is not a religion, but it is religious in character based on the believe in the Fatherhood of God; Brotherhood of man and the immortality of souls. It endeavours to make a good man a better man, a good Christian a better Christian, a good Muslim a better Muslim, to be the best in the world.

All his teaching are based on the GOLDEN RULE - “Love your neighbour as you love yourself and do unto others as you would they do unto you” One of the peculiar tenets of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity is unalloyed loyalty to the World, Nation and support for the Government and has spent over N1.7 Million on educating the public on the need to embrace dialogue over any issue and to shun all forms of economical crimes.

The ROF teaches charity and chastity and continue supporting others that are less fortunate than ourselves, and has donated generously to various charity organisation.

The ROF membership is non discriminatory and open to all who believe in God, the ancient rites and usages of our fore fathers formed the kernel of the new venture.

“..Awon Ogboni ti o li okiki, gbogbo won li o ngun esin” Ezekiel 23:23

Otunba A.A. Oshowole, JP, MNIM, DDG Olori Oluwo

Otunba Akin George, MNIM Olori Apena

Olori A. Oniru, Olori Iyabiye



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Reformed Ogboni Fraternity - ROF - Ogboni Fraternity Of The Christians teaches gratitude to God for his gracious and numerous blessings. The fraternity, which is based on the ancient rites, usages and, customs of our Forefathers, shall be known and called the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity (Incorporated).